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Here are some of the service offerings you will find at Purcellville Computers. 


For more information about any of these services, please call or send an e-mail stating which service you are interested in to info@purcellvillecomputers.com and we will promptly contact you more information. 


Remote Service and Support: Many computer problems can be solved without ever having to leave your chair. Call to either schedule a Remote Support session or to have Remote Support started as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not all problems can be fixed via Remote Support, so we still offer...


On-Site Service and Support: Customers may elect to have a technician come to their home to service their systems. This may be done as either an a-la-carte purchase of service, or the customer may elect to sign up for a service contract where a technician will come to their site and perform basic system and security checks and also provide basic maintenance twice a year.


Small Business Maintenance Plan: If you run a Small Business, chances are that your computers are a critical part of your success, and it's very likely that you don't have the time to keep your systems in peak form. Let us take care of your machines and network while you focus on what you do best... Your Business!


Mobile Computing: Being productive while being mobile is an important part of today's business. Having the right tools to tackle the job makes your mobile life easier. Let us help you choose the right mobile solution from carrier to device to make sure you are as connected as possible.


Hosted Exchange for Business: Email services like a large Corporation is at you finger tips. Share Mail, Contacts, Calendar with your staff. Access you email from anywhere with Outlook Web Access, Sync you email, calendar and contacts to your mobile device and never worry about plugging in a cable to sync again. 


Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services: Digital data is not just data any more. In today’s environment, it is often your entire business. To insure that your business runs smoothly when disaster strikes, Purcellville Computers has partnered with one of the leading Data Recovery and Computer Forensics providers in the country who's engineers are experts at hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, Exchange & Mail recovery, Windows NT recovery, UNIX recovery, MAC recovery, tape recovery, disk recovery, SQL database recovery, password retrieval and much more. Our partner has more than two decades of experience providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective data recovery solutions. 


Wide Area Local Networking: For many years Purcellville Computers has been installing and maintaining Wide Area Local Networks on properties throughout Loudoun County. Connecting 2 or more buildings through a secure long-range wireless network provides internet and business connectivity where you need it most on your property. Call for a Site Survey and see how you can get more out of your network. 


Structured Wiring: As the world becomes more and more connected, getting data access where and when it is needed is becoming more important than ever. Establishing new or retrofitting old premises wiring can make or break your connectivity needs. Call and schedule a Site Survey to see if adding more access can make your connected life easier.


Systems Consulting Services: For residential or commercial customers who want to deploy stable and reliable networks, systems or Media Centers in their homes or offices, Purcellville Computers will offer Systems Consulting Services to assess the customers needs and provide recommendations for hardware, software and networking technologies to meet their needs. There is no obligation to buy recommended equipment from Purcellville Computers, however a price quote for all necessary equipment and installation services will be provided for turnkey installation.



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